3 C's Monthly Minutes

March 14, 2020

The March meeting of the 3C’s Ohio Club was held at the Paradise Recreation Center with 38 members present.  Perk and Nancy Perkins were this month’s greeters.  Members on arrival were asked to put a star on one of the Villages maps to show the location of their house. We did not have coffee or donuts this month as the coffee crew did not attend this meeting for health concerns.

President Judi Andrews opened the meeting at 9:05. Judi told the members she had personally sanitized the room and was pleased to see that members were spread out around the room. Dan Lyle read a clever poem he wrote as well as a prayer. Steve St. Clair reported that our treasury currently has a balance of $3,209.32. The posted minutes had no additions or corrections and will stand as posted.

February was a busy month for club activities and included a lady’s lunch at the Rose Plantation, a dinner out at Little Joey’s and a Leap Year Poker Run hosted by Kathy and Bud Klein that was lots of fun with many winners.

Upcoming events for March include a dinner out at the Olive Garden on Monday, March 16th at 4:30 pm, a lady’s lunch on Wednesday, March 25th at Demshar’s Spanish Springs at 11:30 am, and a lady’s 9-hole golf and lunch on Monday, March 30th. Sign up for golf by March 22nd. There are events planned for April including a carry in breakfast meeting on Saturday, April 11th at 9am, a lady’s lunch and high tea at Demshar’s on April 17th from 1 – 3pm for a $20 cost each, and a breakfast buffet at Grand Oaks on April 26th at 11am and noon. There are separate sign up sheets for these activities.

Max Pierre gave us some Ohio Fun Facts. Ohio is an Iroquois word meaning “great river.” The world’s largest cuckoo clock is in Sugar Creek, Ohio and the cash register was invented by Ohioan, James Ritty.

Jan and Jack Petro’s daughter Audrey from Mentor was our only guest. Remember to invite fellow Ohioans to our club by giving them our club cards located on the back table.

Golf winners from February’s play at Oakleigh are as follows:

1st place Bud & Kathy Klein and Don & Donna Simson with a 26 (-2)

2nd place Don & Barb Davis and Max & Kay Pierre with a 27 (-1) 

3rd place Lee & Carol Helfer and Dennis & Terry Benson with a 27 (-1)

A new schedule for April, May and June will be posted on the website. Call your teammates even if you cannot play so they can find subs.

Tab tops and box tops for Ronald McDonald House through the Villages Elementary in Lady Lake are still being collected. The Box Top For Education App can be downloaded and Dennis Benson will help anyone who needs assistance after the meeting. This is the last month for this year’s collection of tab tops and we are aiming for 80 pounds. Food and monetary donations for the Lady Lake Food Pantry also continues.

Nancy Perkins, our sunshine volunteer, will be glad to check on a member, send a card or make a phone call if you let her know. Lew Olson was our only March birthday this month and he earned the $5.00 prize for this month.

Our entertainment this month was a trivia game hosted by Carol Helfer. Before members played the game, we watched a video entitled “Pray your Babies Grow Up to be Buckeyes.” We also had a warm up activity of finishing the common proverb sentences. Our top prize winner in the trivia game was Denny Stafford with 35 correct answers out of 40. Denny and nine other top winners received a scratch offlottery ticket for their prize.

Mike and Kathy Demma did the 50/50 which had four winners. Our meeting adjourned at 10:18 am.

Judi invited members who wished to stay to discuss the future decisions about the club. The survey taken previously was discussed as well as expenditures of the club for entertainment and the possibility of raising the dues next year to $10 per year. No decisions were made as more members need to be present to vote. Debbie Tittl moved that we table the dues increase to another meeting and Nof Monago seconded the motion. This optional meeting adjourned at 10:50 am.

February 8, 2020

Coffee, tea, and baked goods were enjoyed as members and guests gathered at Paradise Rec Center.  Tables were marked with Villages Regional Recreation Center names, and attendees were directed by greeters, Kathy and Ken Humbard, to the table marked with the center nearest to their home.  The tables were decorated with red and white candies to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day. 

The February 8, 2020 meeting of the 3 C’s of Ohio Club was opened at 9:00 a.m. by President, Judi Andrews.  Judi led the Pledge of Allegiance, and Chaplain Dan Lyle said a prayer.

Entertainment for the day, Derek and Farley, ventriloquist and friends, shared their lives, humor, and an inspirational message.

Treasurer Steve St. Clair reported a January 31, 2020 balance of $3,045.21.  
Former Treasurer, Lee Helfer, reported that Don Davis audited and approved the books.

Minutes from the January meeting were posted on the website. There were no additions or corrections, therefore, the minutes stand as posted.

Heather Snively shared “Words of Inspiration” and Valentine’s Day History.

Dennis Benson introduced the updated website, thanks to the help of Don Simson.  The website is:  www.3csohioclub.yolasite.com.  Dennis will maintain the site with current activities and communicate to members meeting and event notices.

Eight new members and guests were welcomed.  Members are reminded to invite friends to come to a meeting.  Club cards are available to hand out to Ohioans.

Perk distributed January Hill Top golf winnings to:

1st Nof & Linda Manago 25 (-3)Lou Olsen & Susie Preston3

2nd Don & Barb Davis 28 (E) George & Leilani Schneider

3rd Lee & Carol Helfer 30 (+2) Dennis & Terry Benson

There is a sign-up sheet for interested golfers.  
Be sure to call your teammates, even if you cannot play, so they can find subs.

Box tops, pop tabs, and groceries are needed for our Community Outreach.    March will be the end of our pop tabs collection for this year. We are aiming for 80 pounds.   Box Tops for Education now will be given to Villages Elem School in Lady Lake. General Mills is requiring the Box Tops for Education to be digitally processed using a phone app found at:  https://www.boxtops4education.com/  Dennis will help with the app if anyone would like assistance.

Sunshine is needed for a few of our members: Contact Nancy Perkins who if you know of someone in need of “sunshine.”  She will be glad to check on a member, send a card, make a phone call. 

Posted on the website you will see the 3 C’s Ohio Club Cookbook 2019 authored by the wonderful cooks of the 3 C’s Ohio Club, compiled and edited by Sally Becker and Heather Snively.  Limited copies will be available at the meeting.  Thanks to Sally and Heather for the time and effort to complete the cookbook.

Seven birthdays and one anniversary were celebrated.

John Krepop updated members on the latest Ohio sports news.

Upcoming activities are listed on the website and a clipboard was passed around to sign up if you are interested in participating.  Remember, if you sign up for an activity and cannot attend, call Judi to cancel so the restaurant can be notified. 

March activities include Dinner Out, Monday March 16 at Olive Garden on 466 at 4:30 p.m., and Ladies Lunch, March 25, 11:30 a.m. at Demshar’s in Spanish Springs.

Judi discussed changes coming in the future:

1.  The closing for remodeling of Paradise Rec Center will require a change in venue for meetings.

2.  Possible change of name for the club from 3 C’s Ohio to something inclusive of the entire state.

3.  Several members have requested more entertainment at meetings.

A survey was taken and submitted ideas  will be discussed after the March 14th meeting.

Diane and Brady Placek led the 50/50 drawings and $118 was awarded to the lucky winners.

Thanks to the kitchen crew: John and Barb Krepop and Larry and Sue Slater, and Bob and Marge Grguric.

Our next meeting, March 14, will be the Majority Rule game, led by Lee and Carol Helfer. Members interested in helping make some decisions about the future of our Club, plan to stay after the meeting.

Meeting was adjourned.

January 11, 2020

The January meeting of the 3C’s Ohio Club was held at Paradise Recreation Center with 95 members.  Brady and Diane Placek were our greeters. (Reminder: additional greeters are needed for 2020.) President Judi Andrews opened the meeting at 9:00 a.m. with the pledge to the flag. Judi introduced the 2020 club officers: Judi Andrews, President; Carol Helfer Vice President; Kathy Humbard, Secretary; Steve St. Clair, Treasurer

Lee Helfer reported the club’s December 31, 2019 checking account balance was $3,441.71. Lee has been treasurer the past five years and welcomed newly elected treasurer Steve St. Clair. The books will be audited again this year by Don Davis.

VP Carol asked members to provide entertainment suggestions for the monthly meetings.

Minutes are available on-line. There were no additions or corrections to the minutes of December’s meeting.

Judi thanked members for a successful Christmas Breakfast social and for the generous donation of many Toys for Tots. Members were reminded to bring pop tabs, Box tops for Education and donations to the food pantry. Judi gave the Words of Inspiration “A Recipe for a Happy New Year.” Max gave Ohio Fun Facts about Presidents from Ohio: Ohio is tied with Virginia for the number of Presidents, and Fremont’s Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Library and Museum is the only Presidential Library in Ohio. For the Ohio sports report, John Krepop sadly reported the Cleveland Browns season losing streak is now 12 seasons.

There were two new members from Aurora, and two from Canton. One couple celebrated a January wedding anniversary. Six members have January birthdays and Peg Rosenberry won the $5.00 prize. Completing the most tasks of the Christmas Scavenger Hunt are David Hamilton and Susan Bieberfeld. Sunshine: Nancy Perkins reminded members to let her know when someone needs sunshine.

Thanks to the cooks who submitted recipes for The 3 C’s Ohio Club Cookbook 2019, Authored by the wonderful cooks of the 3 C’s Ohio Club in The Villages, Florida. The cookbook was compiled and edited by Sally Becker and Heather Snively. It is now available on the website and hard copies will be available at future meetings and can be requested to be sent by email.

Coffee hosts are asking for another couple to assist with the purchase, preparation, and serving of coffee and donuts at the social time prior to the monthly membership meetings.

A “Donation” basket will be placed on the refreshments table at meetings to help with expenses. It was announced that another position open is for someone to maintain the 3 C’s Ohio Club website.

Golf Results:

November – Mira Mesa
1st Don & Barb Davis 26 (-3)
Max & Kay Pierre
2nd Lee & Carol Helfer 28 (-1)
Bill & Mary Lou Johnston
3rd Don & Donna Simpson 28 (-1)
Greg & Barb Wolf

December - Pimlico
1st Lee & Carol Helfer 24 (-5)
Don & Barb Davis
2nd Don & Donna Simpson 29 (E)
Bob & Carol Murphy
3rd Don & Barb Davis 30 (+1)
Bill & Mary Lou Johnston

There is a sign-up sheet for interested golfers to join the mixed 4 person scramble.

Join us for the “Leap Year Day Poker Run” Saturday, Feb. 29, 2020 at 11:30. The meeting location will be announced at the February 8th meeting. The cost is $3 per person towards prize money. Participants will visit three or four recreation centers to draw cards, and then meet for lunch at a location to be determined. Sign up by emailing Kathy Klein at Kmkjax@aol.com or at the next meeting. You may participate with your golf cart or by car.

  • To make reservations for upcoming activities, please contact
  • Judi Andrews at juandrews5522@gmail.com
    Ladies Golf Tuesday, January 21st
    Dinner Out Friday, January 31st at 4:30 p.m. Evans Prairie CC
    Ladies Lunch Tuesday, February 11th at 11:30 a.m. Rose Plantation
    Dinner Out Wednesday, February 19th at 4:30 p.m. Little Joey’s
    Poker Run Saturday, February 29th at 11:30 a.m. Location will be announced at the February meeting

Judi announced there is a plan for Paradise Recreation Center to be torn down and rebuilt sometime in 2021.  Our Club will be assigned a new location for the duration giving us a few choices. We can get a head start looking for a location that might be available for a permanent move ideally closer to the middle of The Villages.

There has been some discussion in the last few years that our Club name suggests exclusivity causing former Ohio residents to avoid joining. It has been suggested we change the name of our club. Think of some ideas. 

Several members have requested more entertainment at our meetings and with our $5 dues, we are limited. So it has been suggested that we increase our dues to $10 per person for the year. We will put a “donation” basket on the refreshment table at meetings to see if it is a good source of additional income.

Before any changes are made, there will be an informal meeting for those interested in making suggestions to the entire membership. This meeting will be in held in March after our planned Majority Rules activity.

When purchasing 50/50 tickets in 2020, buyers will receive more tickets for the same amount of money. The winners split $132.

Lee and Carol Helfer led the annual “White Elephant” gift exchange which was enjoyed by all.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:45.

Respectively submitted by,
Kathy Humbard, Secretary

December 14, 2019

The 3 C’s Ohio Club had its December Christmas party meeting at the Golden Corral. There were 63 attendees for the breakfast meeting. This is the second time the Christmas party has been at the Golden Corral which originally was suggested by Larry West.
President Judi Andrews opened the meeting at 8:42 am with the Pledge to the Flag. Don Simpson gave the words of Inspiration which was about the power of one. Judi gave a prayer before members left to get their Christmas breakfast at 8:50. At 9:30 Bill from Toys for Tots came to pick up the toys that members donated for their organization. Lee Helfer gave the treasurer’s report which showed the club had a balance in November of $3,441.71 but we have about $900 in expenses to be paid for the December meeting breakfast. He also mentioned that the restaurant’s tips were included in the price of the ticket but that members could leave additional tips if they wanted.
Kathy Humbard’s minutes for the November meeting taken for Carol Helfer were approved with no corrections or additions. Kathy will be the new secretary in January and Carol will move to the vice president’s position. Max
Pierre gave his Ohio fun facts report that stated that Milligan, Ohio had the record low temperature for Ohio at minus 39 degrees. Several members shared family Ohio facts. Janet said her cousin who owns the Northfield Bakery will be on the Food Channel’s Crazy Cookies competition this Monday at 10:00 pm. Ray & Debbie Tittl shared that their niece from Ohio plays the voice of the character Anna in Frozen. Jan Petro mentioned that she is playing in the Rotary Club’s Candlelight Christmas play at the Savannah Center this weekend and that tickets were still available.
Our club had two Daily Sun articles last month for the Weekie Wachee Springs trip and the Arnold Palmer putt-putt golf event. The club has many upcoming events which have a signup sheet. There are two ladies golf events scheduled for Friday, December 20, 2019 and on Tuesday, January 21, 2020. The club will have a dinner-out event at the Evans Prairie CC on Friday, January 31, 2020. On February 11, 2020 there will be a ladies’ lunch at the Rose Plantation. On Wednesday February 19, 2020 the club will have a dinner out at either Little Joey’s or Glenview CC. A Poker Run is planned for a Saturday in February and details will be given at the January meeting.
Five members had birthdays in December and Mike Demma won the $5.00 birthday prize. Harvey and Rose Marie Cranfill were the only couple celebrating a December anniversary and they have been married for two years. Four new members were introduced: Keith and Kay Winnie from the Village of Mira Mesa and Vic and Mari Pawlak from the Village of Largo. Max Pierre brought three family members as guests.
Judi thanked all the members who helped the club during the year. Judi reminded club members to continue saving their Labels for Education and the soda-pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald house. Please continue to bring donations for the Food Pantry in Lady Lake which will be delivered by Dave Hamilton and Susan Bieberfeld. Members were reminded to bring White Elephant gifts wrapped in newspaper for January’s activity gift exchange.
At 10:00 am Judi began the Christmas fun activity which was a game to name Christmas movies, the date the movie was first shown and the character who spoke the quote from the movie. The winning team members were given lottery tickets and door prizes that included two poinsettias, three lottery tickets, a $10 Walmart gift card and two $25 Bob Evans gift cards. Mike and Kathy Demma gave out $101 for the 50/50 drawings. Next year members will get six tickets for their $5.00 chance donation.
Judi closed the meeting at 10:35 am with the members singing “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.”
Respectively submitted,
Carol Helfer, Secretary.

The 3 C’s Ohio Club Minutes for November 9, 2019

The November meeting of the 3C’s Ohio Club was held at Paradise Recreation Center with 75 members. 

Bill and Kay Tymann were our greeters. (Reminder - greeters are needed for 2020.) 

President Judi Andrews opened the meeting at 9:00 a.m. with the pledge to the flag.

Our treasurer, Lee Helfer was absent; Judi reported the club’s checking account balance is $3,025.15.  

If you are reading a paper copy, monthly minutes are available on-line.  There were no additions or corrections to the minutes of October’s meeting.

Members were reminded to bring pop tabs, Boxtops for Education and donations to the food pantry for each meeting.  After volunteering for a long time, Mac and Toni Gillenwater can no longer take the food to the pantry and new volunteers are needed.  Susan Bieberfeld and Dave Hamilton volunteered to take the position.

Barb Davis gave the Words of Inspiration from Unity’s Daily Word “Freedom.”  

Larry Slater apologized to those offended by the September joke.  He then resigned as the club “Joke Teller.”

Dave Hamilton gave Ohio Fun Facts about Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati.  Cleveland produced the first automobile manufacturer, Indianola Junior High School in Columbus was the first junior high, and Cincinnati had the first professional baseball team known as the Red Stockings.

Judi gave the monthly Ohio Sports Report in John Krepop’s absence.
There were four new members and guests: Vic and Mari Pawlak from Parma, Dave Murphy from Chardon, Judy Fitzwater from Dayton. 

Five club members had wedding anniversaries:  Bill & Kaye Tymann, Jack & Jan Petro, Larry & Sue Slater, Steve & Joyce St. Clair, and Max and Kay Pierre   

Eight members had birthdays in November and Jim Knue won the $5.00 prize. 

Sunshine:  Harriet Huschart is back, Mary Shreeves is retired.

Tickets are available for the December Christmas meeting at Golden Corral on Saturday December 14th beginning at 8:30 a.m. Cost of the breakfast buffet is $13.00. Members are encouraged to bring a toy for less fortunate children.  A representative for “Toys for Tots” will deliver the toy donations.  An interesting fact about Toys for Tots:  Maj. Bill Hendricks and the Marines in his reserve unit in LA collected and distributed 5,000 toys in 1947. ... As a personal friend and as a favor to Bill, Walt Disney designed the first Toys for Tots poster which included a miniature three-car train that was subsequently adopted as the Toys for Tots logo

Golf Results:  September – Hawkes Bay

1st        Lee & Carol Helfer,                26 (-1)

Nof & Linda Monago

2nd        Bud & Kathy Klein                26 (-1)

            Jack & Jan Petro  

3rd        Jerry & Leota Dragoo,             27

                        Larry & Kay West     


October – Heron           

1st        Don & Barb Davis                  26 (-2)

            George & Leilani Schneider

2nd     Dick & Donna Bright             26 (-2)

           Perk & Nancy Perkins

3rd      Lee & Carol Helfer                 26 (-2)

            Max & Kay Pierre

Jan Petro asked for new nominations for 2020 officers.  There were no nominations from the floor and a motion was made and carried to accept the following slate of officers: Judi Andrews will return as our president, Carol Helfer will be the vice president, Kathy Humbard will be the secretary, and Steve St. Clair will be the treasurer.

All members present voted a unanimous yes.

Monthly meeting reminder callers are:

Mary Shreves, Committee Chair and Committee Members:  Donna Simson, Barb Davis, Sally Crawford, Kathy Demma, and Marge Grguric. 

If you do not need a phone reminder, please let your caller know that you do not need to be called.  

Guest speakers were Lake County Fire Department Lt. Robert Ford and Firefighter Einhorn; both part of the Venom 2 team.  About two years ago Lake County Fire Rescue Venom 2 unit was launched and the snakebite response team is going strong.  The team’s debut year, in which it grew from three to nine officers, delivered 75 vials of antivenom to hospitals around Florida.

While the team maintains the second largest antivenom bank in the nation, the team was designed for education. The team takes calls to identify snakes and give group talks to those who request them.   They usually get two to three calls every day from people who want advice on how to handle a snake or who need help identifying one.  Venom officers are usually able to identify a snake from a single cell phone picture, and if they can’t, they’ll go out to meet it.

People should call anyway if they see an unfamiliar snake — primarily because of how often someone will think they’ve identified a snake on their own and then go to pick it up.  Ninety percent of anti-venom calls they’ve responded to were from someone picking up a snake they shouldn’t have touched, and none of those calls came from Lake County.

Remember…”Red on yellow – kill a fellow.  Red on black, friend of Jack.

Anyone who wants to purchase a club shirt can have it done at Custom Apparel. You can either take your own shirt there to have the logo added or purchase a shirt at the store. The store is on highway 466 in the Southern Trace Plaza.  Don and Donna Simson can provide additional information.

30 members enjoyed the October 26th Scavenger hunt organized by Bud and Kathy Klein.  Many thanks to Bud and Kathy.  Susan B and Dave Hamilton and Barry and Helen Beck were winners.

Several ladies enjoyed lunch October 28th at Miz Kathi's Cotillion Southern Cafè in Wildwood.

President Judi had colorful signup sheets on each table listing the upcoming events the club will be sponsoring. Members were encouraged to sign up for the ones that interest them. The activities are listed on the club’s website.

It is time to renew membership.  Pack N Ship has offered a 10% discount to Ohio 3 C’s members.

In honor of Veterans Day, 20 Veterans introduced themselves and stated their branch of service.  Thanks to all who served our country.

Max gave a brief history of Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is a Federal Holiday in the United States, beginning in 1789, with a proclamation by George Washington after a request by Congress.   Thomas Jefferson chose not to observe the holiday, and its celebration was intermittent until the presidency of Abraham Lincoln when Thanksgiving became a Federal Holiday in 1863. During the American Civil War Lincoln proclaimed a national day of Thanksgiving.   From 1942 onwards, Thanksgiving has been proclaimed by Congress as being on the fourth Thursday in November.

There are many Holiday Concerts in and near The Villages.  Dates and locations can be found in The Daily Sun.  Jan Petro is performing “Grandma who runs over a reindeer” in the Rotary December 13 and 14 program.

Members received a paper describing the Holiday Scavenger Hunt for 3 C’s Ohio Club.  The purpose is to have fun celebrating the holidays!   The activities can be completed between November 9, 2019 and January 10, 2020, and can be done wherever we are…Ohio, Florida, or other locations.  There are 25 tasks and a photo must be taken when the task is completed.  Bring form to the January meeting.

Jan and Hal Swope are moving to Tennessee.  We wish them well.

The January 11th meeting will be our Annual “White Elephant” gift exchange.  Loads of fun.  Bring one or two usable items for trade, wrapped in newspaper. 

Mike and Kathy Demma did the 50/50 and eight winners split $106.

Meeting was adjourned at 10:45 am. 

Members and guests were invited to play bocce ball after the meeting.

Respectively submitted by Kathy Humbard for Carol Helfer, Secretary

The 3 C’s Ohio Club Minutes for October 12, 2019
The October meeting of the 3C’s Ohio Club was held at the Paradise Recreation Center with 83 members present. David Hamilton and Susan Bieberfeld were our greeters. President Judi Andrews opened the meeting at 9:00 am with the pledge to the flag. Our treasurer, Lee Helfer was absent due to illness, so his wife Carol Helfer gave the treasurer’s report. The club’s checking account balance is $2, 509.29. There were no additions or corrections to the minutes of September’s meeting. Members were asked to remember to bring pop tabs, Boxtops for Education and donations to the food pantry for each meeting.
Leota Dragoo gave the Words of Inspiration from Helen Steiner’s Rice’s “Brighten the Corner Where You Are.” Larry Slater shared a joke. Max Pierre gave his Ohio Fun Facts letting us know that Ohio’s low temperature right now is 35 degrees. He told us that there are 128 Haunted Houses in Ohio and that one billion dollars will be spent on Halloween this year in our country. John Krepop gave his monthly sports report.
There were ten new members and guests. Two club members had anniversaries – Brady and Diane Placek have been married 21 years and Sandy Tatarowikz and her husband have been married 20 years. Five members had birthdays in October and Barb Wolf won the $5.00 prize. Ray and Debbie Tittl sold the Christmas brunch tickets for our December meeting. The meeting will be at the Golden Corral on December 14th beginning at 8:30 AM. Cost of the breakfast buffet is $13.00. Members are encouraged to bring a toy for less fortunate children.
Elections will be held in November. Judy Andrews will return as our president, Kathy Humbard will be the secretary, Steve St. Clair will be the treasurer and Carol Helfer will be the vice president. Nominations will still be taken if anyone wants these positions.
Paula Tucker talked about the book she has written, which has just been published, entitled “Surviving - A Kent State Memoir.” Several members who also were present at Kent State at the time of the shootings shared their experiences. Paula’s book is available on Amazon.
Anyone who wants to purchase a club shirt can have it done at Custom Apparel. You can either take your own shirt there to have the logo added or purchase a shirt at the store. The store is on highway 466 in the Southern Trace plaza.
Bud and Kathy Klein are hosting a scavenger hunt for the club on October 26th. Cost of the fun event is $2.00 which will be used for prizes. Clues will be given out and members working in teams need to find the clue and take a picture with their cell phone. Meet at the Gazebo in Lake Sumter Landing at 11:30 am. Call the Kleins if your want to participate at 352-633-5608. Lunch and prizes will be at R.J.Gator’s at 1:00pm. The deadline to register for this event is October 22nd.
This month President Judi had colorful signup sheets on each table listing the upcoming events the club will be sponsoring. Members were encouraged to sign up for the ones that interest them. The activities are listed on the club’s website.
Our entertainment for this month was a presentation by Dr. Wilfred Aguila who did a slide presentation on how to stay healthy. He has an office in Lady Lake and members are encouraged to come by for a free consultation. Brady and Diane Placek did the 50/50 and eight winners split $101.
After next month’s meeting there will be bocce followed by lunch together
Respectively submitted by Carol Helfer
The 3C’s Ohio Club Minutes for September 14, 2019
The September meeting of the 3C’s Ohio Club was held at the Paradise Recreation Center with 63 members present. Ray and Debbie Tittl were our greeters. President Judi Andrews opened the meeting at 9:00 with the Pledge of Allegiance. Treasurer Lee Helfer reported that the club’s bank balance is $2, 473.53 and encouraged the purchasing of 50/50 tickets to support the club. The minutes for the July meeting were posted online and there were no corrections or additions. Judi thanked everyone for their cards, e-mails and care package sent to her while she was recovering from her fall. Villages’ member Steve St Clair even came to visit, and they had lunch together. Vice president Max Pierre gave his Ohio fun facts about the Great Serpent Mound in Adams County and the fact that central Ohio has 10,000 Indian burial grounds. John Krepop gave his sports report. Judy suggested that club members could have some game day get togethers. Steve and Joyce St Clair who live in the Village of Pennecamp invited club members to their home at 1989 Kirkwood Court to watch the Ohio State/Miami of Ohio football game which begins at 3:30pm on Saturday Sept. 21st. Members should bring a snack to share and RSVP. BYOB.
There were six new members and one guest at the meeting today. Eight members had August birthdays and Rose Mary Cranfill was the winner of the birthday cash. Two members had September birthdays and Lee Helfer was the birthday winner for September. Congratulations to six couples celebrating anniversaries in August and September: Jerry and Leota Dragoo (61 yrs.); Ray and Geri Hass (68 yrs.); Bud and Kathy Klein (50 yrs.); Harold and Nancy Perkins (58 yrs.); Don and Donna Simson (56 yrs.); and Greg and Barbara Wolf (56 yrs.).
The golf results for July at the El Diablo course are as follows:
1st place Jack and Jan Petro and Max and Kay Pierre 26 (-1)
2nd place Lee and Carol Helfer and Ray Hass and Connie Zoebel 26 (-1)
3rd place Dick and Donna Bright and Bill and Mary Lou Johnston 27 (-2)
There will be a ladies’ golf outing on Tuesday, Oct. 22nd followed by lunch. There is a sign-up sheet for interested lady golfers.
Judy thanked Jan Petro for serving on the nominating committee. Names can still be submitted for the officer’s positions. Our Christmas party will again be held at the Golden Corral on December 14th. Lee Helfer will print the tickets which Ray and Debbie Tittl will sell for $13 each at the October and November meetings.
Jan Petro mentioned that her portrait drawing class is looking for models to pose. The class meets at the Pimlico Recreation Center every Friday from 9:30 to 10:30.
Bob Canis brought this month’s entertainment. We watched the Colgate Comedy Hour. Following the show, Brady and Diane Placek gave out the 50/50 prize money for $81.00. Bud and Kathy Klein offered to do either a poker run or scavenger hunt in October and more information will be forthcoming.
The meeting adjourned at 10:40 and some members stayed to play corn hole and got to lunch afterward.
Submitted by Carol Helfer, Secretary

The 3C’s Ohio Club Minutes for July 13, 2019

The July meeting of the 3C’s Ohio Club was held at the Paradise Recreation Center with 46 members present.  Hal and Jan Swope were our greeters for this month.  Vice president Max Pierre opened the meeting at 9:00 am with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Following the pledge Max took a few minutes to discuss the meaning of the words in the pledge.  Jack Petro shared the Words of Inspiration with a story about himself being an agnostic and losing his car keys at the Rialto theater.  Members passed a basket for voluntary contributions to send some cheer to president Judi after her accident.  Lee Helfer gave the treasurer’s report which showed the club’s. balance this month at $2, 451. 12.  Minutes posted on the website were approved.

Max’s fun Ohio facts this month was a listing of important Ohio people from different counties in Ohio.  Ohio is home to many famous people and the number one celebrity from each county was listed.  John Krepop gave his sports news but not much is going on now except for baseball.  He feels that the Indians are in good position for a wild card spot and mentioned that Ohio has hosted eleven all star games which is the most of any state.  Five were in Cincinnati and six in Cleveland.

Our golf winners for May at Churchill Greens are as follows:

1st place – Dick and Donna Bright and Larry and Kay West with a 25 (-4)

2nd place – Lee and Carol Helfer and Perk and Nancy Perkins with a 26 (-3)

3rd place – Jerry and Leota Dragoo and Nof and Linda Monago with a 26 (-3)

Our golf winners for June at De La Vista are as follows:

1st place – Bud and Kathy Klein and Jack and Jan Petro with a 26 (-3)

2nd place -  Don and Barb Davis and Perk and Nancy Perkins  with a 28 (-1)

3rd place  Judi Andrews and James Arnold and Bob and Carol Murphy with a 31 (+2)

There were five July birthdays and Jan Swope was our $5.00 birthday winner.  We had three couples celebrating anniversaries- Larry and Kay West celebrated 59 years, Ron and Joan Tillinger celebrated 34 years and Ken and Kathy Humbard celebrated 10 years.  Nancy Perkins sent out four sunshine cards this month.  Max asked several times for volunteers to be on the nominating committee, but no one volunteered but Jan Petro “WON” the job by winning Bingo!! 

This month’s entertainment was Bingo and Lee Helfer and Max Pierre were the callers for the four games played.  Members bought cards for $1.00 each.  The first game was a regular bingo won by Ray Tittl.  The X game was won by Bill Johnston.  Don Crawford won the picture frame game.  Jan Petro and Jean Knue were the winners of the full card game.  Brady and Diane Plecak did our 50/50 and six winners shared $66.  Our next meeting in September will have Abbott and Costello movies for entertainment and stay for "Corn Hole Game" after the meeting.  The meeting adjourned at 10:40 am.

 The 3C’s Ohio Club Minutes for June 8, 2019

The June meeting of the 3C’s Ohio Club was held at the Paradise Recreation Center with 51 members present. Bill and Mary Lou Johnston were our greeters. President Judi Andrews opened the meeting at 9:00 am. Kathy Klein gave the Words of Inspiration called “Steps to Happiness.” Treasurer Lee Helfer was absent, but his report stated that the club has a balance of $2, 487.04. The minutes of May’s meeting were posted online and were approved. Max’s Ohio Fun Facts about the Ohio River were shared via text this month as Max was absent. John Krepop gave his sports report. This month Larry Slater brought laughter with some jokes and he may be doing this at future meetings.

Elaine Mormon from Lorain, Ohio joined the club and she lives in Hacienda North. We also had two guests present for the meeting. We had two June birthdays and Linda Monago won the birthday cash. There were three June anniversaries: Larry and Kay West – 59 years; Jim and Jean Knue – 52 years; and Mac and Toni Gillenwater – 51 years. Perk was out of town and will announce the May and June golf results and distribute the prize money at the July meeting. Our sunshine report was a positive one that Jan Petro and Mac Gillenwater were both better. Joyce St. Clair had knee surgery. A reminder of the community outreach activities was given. Members collect pop tabs, Labels for Education and donations and money for the food pantry.

Last month sixteen members played a 9-hole team alternating shot scramble which was followed by dinner at the Waterfront Inn. After May’s meeting a few members stayed afterwards to play dart baseball. A show of hands survey was taken, and members showed the most interest in playing bag toss and bocce for after meeting activities in the months ahead.

Our entertainment for this month was Cliff Weiner from POA who presented information important to members. He encouraged members to attend meetings of the POA and check their website which is poa4us.org. On June 20th there is a meeting at Laurel Manor discussing whether our recycle plan in the Villages will be stopped. The POA meets the 3rd Tuesday of the month and their next meeting will feature hurricane preparedness.

Brady and Diane Placek did the 50/50 and prizes totaling $67 was given out. July’s meeting will feature BINGO. (Please bring $1.00 bills.)The meeting adjourned at 10:31 am.

Minutes taken by Linda Monago and typed and submitted by Carol Helfer, secretary

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